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Pantalone North Sails

Codice prodotto: 775097


    100% cotone

    Lavabile in lavatrice a 40°, stirare max a 110°, non candeggiare, non asciugare meccanicamente.


    2 anni = 92 cm

    3 anni = 98 cm

    4 anni = 104 cm

    6 anni = 116 cm

    8 anni = 129 cm

    10 anni = 140 cm

    11 anni = 146 cm

    12 anni = 152 cm

    13 anni = 158 cm

    14 anni = 164 cm


    Prezzo: 7 euro (GRATUITA per acquisti superiori a 100 euro)

    Tempi di consegna: Corriere espresso 24/48 h in Italia, 4/5 gg lavorativi in Europa.

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    North Sails was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, an American sailor and Olympic gold medalist. North was also an engineer, systematically trying to make sails faster than those of any other competitor. Year after year, Lowell North and his team were the first to apply the most innovative technologies to conquer the wind and waves. They explored the ocean. And they won regattas.


    Lowell North's inspiration continues today in North Sails apparel, designed and built to allow our customers to focus on what matters to them: boating or simply navigating the rough sea of modern life.


    North Sails' motto is "Go Beyond". Getting where others can't follow us. For us, exploration and innovation are fundamental, they are the cornerstones of our brand and our company. With an activity so linked to the sea, we believe we have a responsibility to take care of it and make our contribution to the defense of the planet: this is our third principle, which was a fundamental part of the strategic direction for summer 2017 by the our team. We need to go beyond the normal way of doing business.

    We use the power of nature to explore; we use the latest ideas to innovate and do what we can to preserve the sea for future generations.


    As a company, we are now beginning this important transition. We are only at the beginning of our journey and we have not yet reached our goal.

    Since we embarked on this mission, we have been allocating a portion of our income to the Ocean Family Foundation (OFF) to support its ocean conservation initiatives.

    We have begun to use more and more sustainable materials in the production of our garments, such as recycled plastic and organic and reusable cotton, as well as to reduce the use of plastic overall. These items have been on the market since the beginning of 2018 and, in some categories, represent between 70% and 100% of total clothing. We have also introduced many other sustainable products, including washing machine bags, reusable water bottles and bamboo cups. At the same time, we have taken and are still taking concrete steps to optimize our production and distribution chain, which is no small initiative for the fashion industry.

    We feel it is our duty to make our contribution to raising awareness: we began by sharing a large part of our communication campaign with the environmentalists who support us, including Ocean Ramsey, Dee C Affari, Mariasole Bianco and other ambassadors of our brand. We also invest in advertising to spread the word about our cause through seasonal and social media campaigns. In addition, we organize numerous awareness events, from public gatherings to beach cleanup rallies together with school students and our team.

    To be able to become an environmental company, achieving the goal in a period ranging from three to five years, we used outside help. In addition to raising awareness, which is really needed in some of our most important markets, it is essential to reduce the use of plastic and water and CO2 emissions. There are already exceptional examples of companies contributing to the preservation of the planet and we hope many more will follow.

    For now, explore, appreciate our planet and its oceans and take care of it!

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Color: grigio scuro