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How to dress children to stay at home: the password is COMFORT

IIn this period we are all forced to stay in our homes, but this does not mean that we do not have to take care of ourselves anyway: we do not give up dressing, fixing our hair, make-up, why not even just to do the housework, or to work from home (the fantastic smart working). This also applies to our children ... they too need to feel "alive" but in the same way they need comfort to be able to play at home or for the numerous didactic activities that are sent to us by the teachers. Let's see together some small rules then: certainly lazing around in pajamas all day is a strong temptation, but at the same time a nice fresh shower and a change of clothes in the morning can give us a great boost! So let your little ones just wake up have their breakfast, and play a little ... then straight to brush their teeth and get dressed though! We choose an outfit with cotton or cotton blend fabrics (easier to hang because we can not iron them), a nice jogging and sweatshirt for boys and a leggings or a dungaree skirt (which never pulls up unlike classic skirts ) with a cheeky t-shirt for sissies. Obviously if our puppy wants to wear her favorite tulle skirt, let's indulge her for a little while maybe building on a nice game (like the princess to save ...). In any case, for both boys and girls it is important that the foot is free from any impediment, therefore a nice non-slip sock (in padded sponge while it is still cool, in light cotton when the hottest days arrive) and GO! For those who want to opt for slippers, our advice is to buy ergonomic slippers that support the movement of the feet well like the Bobux (shoes ALWAYS OUTSIDE THE DOOR OF THE HOUSE or in the shoe rack, especially in times like this!). We just have to wish you a good relaxation with your family and your children!

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