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Is a baby coming? All the tips for a perfect birth kit!

Here we are, the long awaited moment in these 9 months is coming .. we must be ready to welcome this new life with all our love but also with all the essential accessories!

It is known that we mothers at that moment let ourselves be taken by enthusiasm and euphoria and would buy anything that inspires us even a faint smile: but how to avoid spending a fortune by buying things that we will almost never use?

Here is the list of things NOT TO BE MISSED for the arrival of the frugoletto:

3 broken or whole rompers for the hospital STRICTLY IN COTTON: if born in winter we prefer chenille but pay attention to the composition! It must be 80% cotton and 20% polyester to ensure the baby the right warmth with perfect comfort in contact with the skin ; if it is born in summer we can also opt for a short romper. REMEMBER that the newborn has the sensations amplified so if it's hot he feels warmer than us and if it's cold he feels colder, but this does not mean COVER TOO MUCH or vice versa ... in general the rule of dressing him as you dress applies!

6-7 short sleeve underwear leotards, 100% cotton. Let's avoid long-sleeved bodysuits ... would you put a long-sleeved tank top under the t-shirt, pullover and coat ??? !!!!

2 crib / pram blankets: they are very useful anytime and anywhere you go. I remember covering my daughter with the thick blanket while nursing her, and I used them until she was about 3 when we walked around with the stroller.

2 triangle towels for the bath, very comfortable compared to a normal towel because they have a hood for the head

a few pairs of terry socks if born in winter and in light cotton if born in spring summer

2 hats in cotton or cotton thread for the summer, in chenille (always 80% cotton 20% polyester) or in padded cotton for the winter. The important thing is that the hat covers the ears well on windy days .. REMEMBER the cold does not hurt, but the wind does!

Well ... you are ready for this wonderful adventure ... now take a look at our proposals for boys or girls!

HAPPY BIRTH! Because we know that when a child is born, a mother <3 is also born

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