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With the lock down of different regions of Italy we find ourselves at home again, the difference this time is that the days are colder, shorter and certainly more boring than those of March when we already glimpsed spring from our balconies, terraces and gardens. !

So what to do to "kill boredom"?

I propose you several "jobs" of Montessori philosophy to carry out for your little ones:

today in particular we are talking about the LETTERS

you will need them

- a 3/4 mm thick plywood sheet, size 120 x 60 cm

- sheets of sandpaper grit at least 120, red color

- vinyl glue for wood or classic vinyl glue

- scissors

- 1 small brush

- blue and red tempera or acrylic colors

- Montessori letters to print of which I put the link

If you want to see the complete procedure with a small tutorial I will put you the link of my profile where you can find the video and above all see the result!



first of all let's prepare our basic tablets => we will need 14 tablets 15 x 11 cm for the small consonants and vowels and 12 tablets 25 x 15 cm for the large consonants.

Once made, we carefully sand the edges to make them smooth and color 5 small tablets in red and all the rest in blue.

We print the Montessori letters and carefully cut them out, overturn them and attach them with tape to the back of the sandpaper sheets to trace the edge. At this point we cut out the sandpaper according to the marks. With the brush spread the glue well on the cut out letters and paste them in the center of our tablets that we will have dried. We wrap the glue with a weight so that the letters stick together perfectly and voila!

To the next home made job =)

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