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Breakfast for champions

In this period of quarantine we no longer know what to invent in the kitchen to give a sense of novelty to our days! Flours and yeast are selling like hot cakes in supermarkets, and now it's no secret that we've all become good housewives ... after all "before" we had neither time nor desire to try our hand at egg pasta, lasagna, tarts of all kinds. , even the Easter dove !!!! In short, these days the ovens of Italian mothers or rather, of Italian women, are working as hard as they can and for many hours of the day, and who knows maybe even at night by some of you! But surely among us there is also someone who, let's face it, does not really have the aptitude for cooking, even if now she has much more time available.

Well, below I write a recipe taken from the web (searched for a loooong time and once found obviously tested) to obtain a nutritious breakfast, and different from the usual, dirtying a few utensils and above all without difficulty!

PANCAKES by Flavia Imperatore (Flavia if you had to read us thanks for the recipe)

ingredients for 4-5 pancakes => preparation 5 minutes, cooking 5 minutes

1 egg

40 g of sugar

100 g of flour 00

100 ml of milk

1 teaspoon of baking powder

In a bowl, beat the egg with the sugar, then add the flour and yeast, mix, add the milk, stirring until a homogeneous batter is obtained.

Heat a pan by greasing it lightly with oil and kitchen paper and pour a generous spoonful of dough into the center (I used the classic Ikea black plastic spoon to dose the right amount, but it also depends on how big you want them). When bubbles start to form, turn the pancake over and cook for another minute. Et voila!

Very simple and very good! Of course you can dress them as we like .. for example I used Nutella and apricot jam, but "his death" (they say) is maple syrup (which I don't like). My daughter licked her mustache!

I just have to wish you a good breakfast and a happy Easter Monday!

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