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Smart working with children at home: impossible or can it be done?

How many of you are now in smart working but working has never been so difficult?

We are all stirred up by a thousand requests for attention: "Mom, do you play with me in my bedroom?" "mom where is my sweatshirt with the flowers?" "Mom, can I see a DVD?" ...... and so on and so forth (obviously also applies to poor dads)!

Obviously, even our children in this situation "are close to us" and we must also try to identify with their world, where they are at home with mum and dad but do not have them all for themselves anyway!

So let's try to manage our working day by letting them understand that even if we are at home, and we are ready to meet their requests, we have to work: let's prepare some activities for them the night before to do the next day.

Here is a list of some, stolen from the web or sent to me by the teachers, who have kept my little girl busy for quite a few hours:

- salt dough: it is prepared with a cup of water, one of salt and two of flour until it forms a homogeneous and non-sticky ball and so with the imagination to create shapes, puppets and so on and so forth! It doesn't get dirty and gives a lot of satisfaction to our little artists who, once cooked in the oven (60 ° for about 20 minutes), can color it with watercolors or tempera.

- pieces of paper to be glued: prepare some squares of colored cardboard or tissue paper of about 2 cm per side and group them in a small bowl, in another bowl put some vinavil glue elongated with water (the mixture must be liquid as in the case paper mache); we give our child some drawings already made by us (as simple as a big butterfly) or for the older ones let them do them directly. And now instead of coloring them with markers, just glue the pieces of colored paper wherever you want!

- pasta for drawing: you understood pasta, the one you eat, the top of the top of Italian cuisine! it will be enough to give our puppies some pasta in different formats and some vinyl glue. Children can glue it on the sheet to make the corolla of a flower for example, and then color it, or they can color it and then thread it into a string (even the kitchen one) to make a beautiful necklace!

The web is full of ideas ... just a pinch of imagination is enough ... and we know that children have a lot to sell !!!!

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