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Motor activities to do at home with your children

How many times do we hear the same phrase repeated on TV? "Plan your time at home by doing physical activity and keeping the environment clean ...". "The first indication is not always easy to respect, right? We already struggle to work without being continually interrupted by a" mother "or a "I'm thirsty", let alone do gymnastics! So why not do it just with our little ones?

first of all let's manage them comfortably with a nice sweatpants or leggings for girls, a short sleeve t-shirt (now it's hot on) and a non-slip sock;

We start by walking in a circle, inhaling by pulling the arms up to the ears and exhaling by pulling them down 5 times, then we start the circles always breathing 5 from front to finger and 5 from back to front.

We repeat the circles but this time drawing circles with the elbows, keeping the hands resting on the shoulders.

Let's start this sequence: 5 steps on the toes with the arms up stretched attached to the ears, and 5 steps squatting with the arms out stretched and repeat it for 5 times (Counting aloud from 1 to 5 for each movement we also give the right rhythm at the steps).

After this first warm-up phase, let's take a ball and position ourselves on a carpet (those who don't have carpets at home can spread a blanket on the ground just so as not to work on an excessively hard surface) standing in front of your child with open legs: let's pass the love ball by rolling it on the ground about ten times.

We repeat the same exercise this time while sitting with the legs open but removing the fingers from the ball only when we have stretched as much as possible in front of us (it is a stretching so you have to do a bit of effort), let's always do it for about ten times keeping your legs stretched and being careful not to rotate your knees in but always outwards.

Always with the ball in your hand and this time with your legs closed let it rotate on the ground along the whole body starting from one side and returning back 5 times (legs straight).

As a last exercise we do the candle: in this exercise we help the younger children by stretching both feet together and helping them to bring them up (towards the ceiling).

Et voilà, half an hour of fun and some physical exercise guaranteed!

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